Real Estate And Construction

Real estate and construction markets are promising in most countries of the world, the increase in population and high economic growth are pushing the real estate and construction market to growth and prosperity, which is well released by International Public Relations IPR. Therefore, it works through its programs and consultations to serve its clients through increasing the rates of marketing and construction requests and consolidating the brand of real estate institutions by building tight strategies that make the brand a permanent indication of the properties of its clients that it is beautiful, durable and safe, through improving the quality of the service and improving the quality of the institution as a headquarters, staff and administration, in addition to providing the necessary information to its clients that are related to the market directions towards the real estate and construction market required in the current market, in addition to the market taste related to the style of designs, colors and popular places in the market or by providing unique designs that give the architectural identity to its customers. It does not always forget that it is available with its knowledge to handle any crises that can arise for its clients in the field of marketing for architecture and construction.

Health Services

The health service is one of the basic sustainable services in the market, which develops more and more on a daily basis, it falls within the frame of market completion that requires the ability and the efficiency to meet market needs, which makes International Public Relations IPR present in this field through its work on following-up all that is new in the health services market, through drawing the public strategy for our customers that maintain the current customers and attract potential customers, as well as drawing a defined marketing policy for health services that includes supporting the image of health institutions, which might contribute in supporting the institutions of our customers on all levels to be socially effective in the community through social responsibility programs.

Information Technology

International Public Relations IPR realizes the nature of the fast and continuous development in the field of information technology and the nature of the new markets of such a technology, which promoting requires a modern, innovative, persuasive, and creative understanding that can serve our clients to be a distinctive and appealing brand, through using all possible means according to a specific strategy that highlights them in the market as the best and shows their capabilities, distinction and their eligibility to be real competitors, and promote them by drawing a public relations program and to manage the reputation of their institutions with their audiences and help them face all possible crises.

Public Institutions

The success of International Public Relations IPR and its ability to understand the needs of the immediate and permanent public institutions for research and expertise makes it able to understand the nature of public institutions. Where it sets a professional public relations plan that aligns with the vision, goals and mission of the institution, it measures the mental image, study the market and provide all consultations related to improving the quality of its precuts, its administrative and institutional climate, its competitiveness and making it compatible with market conditions, and to make sure it uses the balanced model in both directions, ensuring that society accepts it. In addition to the ability of International Public Relations IPR in planning and organizing all local and international events in line with achieving its objectives, developing a preventive program for all potential crises, and offering the necessary consultations when crises occur to lessen their effects. This includes communicating with employees, current and potential clients, and clients in the media.

Banking And Financial Services Sector

International Public Relations IPR provides important consultations to banks and financial institutions both regional and international to build a positive mental image for its customers with the audience, through building a sustainable public relations strategy that guarantees their effective presence in the financial market. It also helps them know the directions of the financial market and consolidate the brand of these institutions among their customers. The experience of the specialist of International Public Relations IPR in the field of banking, international and regional financial services, investment, insurance and guarantee institutions, it will ease many steps to reach success. It will also provide all media services to communicate with the audience and provide a follow-up service for what the media transmits towards these institutions. It is also able to organize local and international events, and help business men and managers of financial institutions in the most optimal and convincing media appearance in front of their audiences directly or through the media.

Communication Sector

Communication sector is one of the important sectors of any society, where a competition is present between institutions whether they were public of private. The communication sector in all its types is in need to earn the trust of the customers for the presence of other competitors, in terms of convincing them of the quality of service, cost reduction, and readiness to follow up on all important developments, especially as we live in an international technical and communication system that is developing every day. Therefore, International Public Relations IPR helps its clients know the general directions of the local and international market and how it is perceived by the clients to be always present for competition, in addition to building a general strategy for public relations in the institutions supports the vision, goals and the message of the institution and proposing a media communications package that is consistent with the immediate and permanent needs of institutions, making them ready to face each crisis, in addition to helping them manage the communication efforts for each crisis.


The rise of the global economic growth increases the rates of the demand on power and its products, which makes investing in them of low risk because it is basic and highly demanded goods that cannot be bypassed, the area of the Middle East and North Africa are among the areas concerned with producing and marketing energy whether on the level of oil production or in terms of petroleum products, in addition to the emergence of new types of renewable energy like the solar energy and the energy of the wind. International Public Relations IPR and through the experience of its employees is well aware of the most important entitlements facing its customers in the field of energy is the balance between achieving profits and meeting environmental and societal obligations. Therefore, it presents all the necessary consultations that makes the interest of the institution cooperates with the community’s environmental interest, through presenting the national experience in this direction as it helps it in creating public relations programs and advertising campaigns that support achieving the public vision of the institution, and it presents it to the community as being an element of development and prosperity and increases the rates of marketing and the rate of general competitiveness, as well as presenting social responsibility programs chosen carefully to serve the local community and makes it perceive these institutions as one of the tool of the local development that agree with environmental safety.

Transportation Sector

Given the wide range of competitors, transportation businesses must meet crucial criteria including speed, punctuality, warranty, safety, and cost to remain highly competitive., which is what International Public Relations IPR works on it with its clients, through working with its clients on preparing their institutions by drawing up a comprehensive public relations plan that aims at designing media communication efforts that inform the public of these institutions and the quality of their services and aspects of their distinction, and convince them that they are the best institutions in terms of providing this service to be a brand imprinted in the minds of consumers in the transportation service. It also works on providing the required consultations that aims at building an internal working environment that increases the employees’ affiliation to the institution and the motivation for achievement, it presents them with a periodic reading of the trends of the transport market and the trends of customers towards them, in addition to designing preventive plans to face any crisis that is resulted from transportation accidents that might lead to the death of members or major economic loses, which might help them avoid many losses.

Cars And Spare Parts Sector

The ability of International Public Relations IPR in knowing the directions, expectations and the patterns of the local and regional auto sales market through study and research, and knowing the nature and taste of each local market and the ability to create innovative media messages that help its customers ensure increased marketing rates, presenting them as professional brands and institutions that can provide the greatest products at the most competitive prices, allowing them to gain worldwide experience in the field of automotive marketing, and assisting them in developing ongoing business ties with significant automakers.

International Public Relations IPR presents the same services for spare parts selling companies, through building a media strategic plan targeting the audience of the clients at the appropriate times and media, in addition to knowing the market needs in terms of size and quality. International Public Relations IPR is also ready to provide all the communication and organizational work needed by the companies working in the field of selling cars and their spare parts, and it is also able to plan and organize exhibitions and local and international events.

Educational And Training Services

International Public Relations IPR understands the need of the educational market considering it to be a prominent and sustainable market, not to mention the increase of the increasing competition between educational institutions such as institutes and universities to keep pace with modern educational scientific methods in education, as it helps its clients in imitation of its peer and distinguished educational institutions in the world.

Through helping it achieves all the scientific methodological and pedagogical conditions and the conditions of educational architecture, educational services and educational administration through its expertise and its relations with major educational institutions in the United States. International Public Relations IPR also owns public relations strategies that enable its clients’ educational institutions to build a positive mental image in the local and regional community as educational institutions concerned with the future by helping them to raise the level of educational quality.

International Public Relations IPR also provides and organizes educational and training courses in major scientific and research institutions and industrial companies in the United States and according to the needs of their customers, due to their knowledge and and contact with many of these institutions in the United States of America, it is also ready to organize local education and training programs, sending foreign professors and trainers to work in the Middle East and North Africa region, and forming partnerships with foreign educational institutions by assisting them in signing memoranda of understanding.

Maritime Navigation Sector

Whether they are focused on moving products or people, many shipping companies in the Middle East and North Africa are facing a crisis due to the fierce competition with other international shipping companies as well as their ambition to be able to compete locally and regionally. It also has the ability and efficiency to reach the target audience, including institutions and individuals, through elaborate media plans, making it one of the institutions of ability, efficiency, and proficiency. It offers specialized consultations from a group of international experts who work with them in this field.

International Public Relations IPR also provides consultations and preventive plans for any potential navigational crisis, and manages any crisis communications in case it arises, which reduces its burdens.

Marketing Of Products And Merchandise

International Public Relations IPR believes that promoting any product in the local or international market starts with marketing the institution producing this merchandise or marketing the brand before marketing the product. International Public Relations IPR also believes that adopting the highest standards of quality, good governance, and transparency, creating an environment at work where employees feel a sense of belonging, putting good social responsibility programs into action, as well as planning and directing media efforts toward the public, are the only sustainable ways to guarantee the success of any institution..

All of which will make our clients able to own the conditions of competition in the Fast-moving consumer goods, not to forget organizing media and advertising campaigns in the local and international markets, and determining the general directions of the market and knowing the general taste of the market through determining the shape, design and the appropriate color of the good, in addition to monitoring the mental image printed with the consuming audience and monitoring it towards the institution and the product, so that our customers can develop their products in an the best optimal manner consistent with the needs of the market.

International Public Relations IPR helps its clients to enter the regional and international market by providing consultations for all crises, in addition to its experience through specialized staff and extensive relations with international media institutions. International Public Relations IPR is also ready to organize marketing exhibitions for goods and products in the local and international market and marketing for these exhibitions.