International Public Relations IPR Is An International Public Relations Company, Headquartered In The United States Of America

With international experience in providing an integrated public relations services package, through its specialists who have practised work in all areas of public relations, communications and marketing

Organizing Events

Events Organized By Any Institution Contribute To Advertising It With Current And Potential Customers.

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Crisis Management

No matter how experienced your institution and its level of success was, it will remain up for crisis.

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Electronic Marketing

The Steady Increase Of The Number Of Internet Users Around The World, Which Is Currently Over 4.5 Billion

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Media Training

Our experience in United States, the pioneer of media industries, and our relations to many grand American media institutions,

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Managing Your Social Relations

Our Experience In The Field Of Social Relations On The International Level

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Determining The Programs Of The Appropriate Social Occasion

The overall public relations strategy requires that your organization

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Designing And Managing Media Campaigns

To identify your product, service or new institution (public or private)

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Work Fields

Real Estate And Construction

Real estate and construction markets are promising in most countries of the world, the increase in population and high economic

Health Services

The health service is one of the basic sustainable services in the market, which develops more and more on a daily basis it falls within the frame of market

Information Technology

International Public Relations IPR realizes the nature of the fast and continuous development in the field of information technology and the nature of the new

Public Institutions

The success of International Public Relations IPR and its ability to understand the needs of the immediate and permanent public institutions for research

Banking And Financial Services Sector

International Public Relations IPR provides important consultations to banks and financial institutions both regional and international

Communication Sector

Communication sector is one of the important sectors of any society, where a competition is present between institutions


The rise of the global economic growth increases the rates of the demand on power and its products

Transportation Sector

Given the wide range of competitors, transportation businesses must meet crucial criteria including speed, punctuality